We have a very fun portrait plan for your babies first year.

or you can customize your portrait year with individual sessions.

We can't wait to meet you and your baby!

Favorite milestones we suggest for your photoshoots.

our one year baby plan

“baby love”





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1. Newborn up to 14 days for sleeping baby. Mom or Dad can be included.

  1. 2. Three/four month session (baby able to push up).

  2. 3. Six/seven month session (baby able to sit up or push up)

    great time for family in the photoshoot.

4. One year session (baby able to pull up or stand) smash cake is a fun option.


   Four photoshoots over babies first year.*


What to wear and bring along


1. Bring your baby ready to eat when you arrive at the studio.

2. Dress your baby in loose diapers and clothing.

  1. 3. Bring fun items from your nursery- blankets, stuffed animals, etc..

  2. 4. Please take a phone pic of your nursery and text it to us the day before your session or bring along. so we can prepare the best matching sets for you.

  3. 5. Bring all your favorite outfits, bows, headbands, hats, and diaper covers.

  4. 6. Then just relax for awhile during your newborns first photo shoot!

  5. 7. Photoshoots can take between an hour to three hours. We plan plenty of time to work around your babies schedule.

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...and daughters.